Here are some articles covering audio amplifiers. Some of the articles are describing do it yourself amplifiers, on a non commercial basis. The author has no responsibility what so ever regarding these descriptions.

A la Hiraga

This describes a 25 W class A power amplifier based on the schematic for the 8 W class A Hiraga monster amplifier published in the early eightees in the french audio magazine l'Audiophile.

A MM Phono Amplifier

This design is a DIY two stage MM Phono Amplifier, inspired by Le Pacific Amplifier, a two stage JFET amplifier. It is a two channel amplifier meant for moving magnet (MM) cartridges with onboard regulated supply, with external unregulated DC supply.

Nostalgia-A 25 W Class A Power Amplifier

This design is an all-FET Class A power amplifier, inspired by the 1969 Linsley Hood Amplifier (The JLH amplifier) and the newer Nelson Pass PLH amplifier.

Non-Feedback Class A Pre/power-Amplifier

This is an audio non-feedback class A amplifier, divided into two parts: 1) A Buffer Amplifier working in class A with a voltage gain of 0 dB, but with a very high current gain, and 2) A Voltage Amplifier also working in class A, with a high voltage gain and a low output impedance. It is also possible to use this amplifier as a headphone amplifier or an ordinary preamplifier.

DC coupled amplifiers for audio

This is a general desription of the differential stage, the operational amplifier and the current feedback amplifier.


This is a general description of RIAA phono equalising.

Class A Amplifiers

This article is discussing audio power amplifiers, revealing the advantages of class A amplifiers compared to class B and A/B.

Current Feedback Amplifier

This is an old design of a 'current feedback' power amplifiers.


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